Dr. T. Egbetunde
H.O.D, Economics Dept.
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. DEGREE PROGRAMME OPTION: Bachelor of Science in Economics

(B. Sc. Economics)




The underlying philosophy for the establishment of Department of Economics in the School of Management Technology, the Federal University of Technology, Akure, is to produce and equip graduates with an enthusiasm to make their contributions to Nigeria, Africa and the world at large through knowledge transfer in the field of Economics and related sciences. The programme is also designed to seek broad foundations in theory, research and Economics as well as building the confidence, analytical and problem solving capacities of the students in order to face the fundamental problems of development in our society. The B.Sc. Degree programme in Economics will also offer greater assistance to students in the area of developing necessary competence, sufficient to secure jobs in academia, corporate firms, multinationals, government, international agencies (World Bank and the IMF), Financial Institutions including Central Bank, research and development institutes, petroleum and energy sector, as well as self-employment.




Based on the foregoing programme philosophy, the major objectives of the Department are, inter alia, to;

a)      train Economists with adequate skills and knowledge of economic theories, econometrics models and management concepts, techniques and practices, and their proper application for solving problems in both public and private sectors of the economy;

b)      educate and train graduates who would acquire the responsibility of promoting industrial development and technological advancement of the country;

c)      create conducive atmosphere for positive behavioural changes which would enable students develop values like hard work, commitment, dedication, probity, accountability and transparency, creativity, discipline, self-reliance and patriotism which are necessary elements for the achievement of Nigeria’s national development objectives; and

d)      train economists who are thoroughly familiar with the Nigerian economic scene and its relation to the international economic environment.

e)      provide knowledge based in research, teaching and learning which engenders development of products that are technologically oriented, self-reliant and relevant to the societal need.